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About The Grooming School Australia

In recent times the world of dog grooming has become an International language with many of the ” mysteries “and “myths” of dog grooming / pet styling being unlocked.

Because we have had the great opportunity to learn and refine new and modern training techniques from many training centres around the world, we are able to transfer this experience to you and help you understand the world of dog grooming simply and easy

Our unique training will provide the most comprehensive information available covering all aspects of dog grooming and breed profile and set you up for success

All stages are meticulously taught by Christine and her passionate staff in a fun filled environment and our course gives you the flexibility to work around your own lifestyle and can also be completed on a full time or part-time basis.

Our training structure is formatted under the guidelines of accredited courses and is hands on the whole way

If you are looking for a rewarding career in a nurturing and friendly environment or thinking of that change of career then pet grooming is for you.

If you are a school leaver with a love of pets or looking for a successful and fulfilling lifestyle then becoming a pet stylist is for you.

If you are already experienced and are hungry for more knowledge then we are THE school that can guarantee your advanced training.

Our Grooming School students are constantly in demand from existing Grooming Salons, Veterinarians, Pet Shops, Boarding Kennels and Multi – national companies and our instructors have all been trained by Christine and have a passion for their craft and a genuine love for the animals and their care.

The Grooming School students can now reap the rewards from a constant pursuit of perfection for teaching dog grooming and training by its directors and is the only Australian school that can give you the complete training from beginner to International judge and all phases in between.

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International Grooming Competitions Held in Australia

The Grooming School is organizing International Grooming Competitions within Australia this year.

Check out the dates and venues here

Meet The Team

All of The Grooming School Trainers are working towards their Masters Certification and their Cert IV in Training and Assessment.

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As an International grooming judge she is always up to date with current …

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Let us help you to unlock your dreams and start your career path to success and job satisfaction.

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Susan Bailey is a Certified Master Groomer, successful Registered Breeder…

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ELISE MALVERN – Bather & Dryer

Elise enjoys working with students, and is looking forward to improving her pet styling skills …

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