What People Are Saying After Completing Their Dog Grooming Training

Dear Christine & Les,

I would like to mention what a fun, educational and creative experience I received at The Grooming School.

The dynamic team from the grooming school  NSW – Chris, Les, Blair and Bec are absolutely amazing, supportive and a world of creativity, I felt so relaxed and welcomed into their grooming family as they taught me numerous amount of skills.

What a lovely opportunity it was to be enrolled in such an amazing, knowledgeable course that offered me a wide variety of information that I find extremely helpful in everyday grooming. The team were so supportive and happy to help at all times.

It has really made a big difference in my life. I have learned so much about something I found very interesting and now I have the knowledge to really make a difference.

I would strongly recommend this courses to anyone entering the grooming world, or would like to broaden their skills

Jodie Bonning

Lake Macquarie

Dear Christine, Les and The Grooming School,

Thank you so much for introducing me to the art of creative grooming.

Since we turned my Bella into a pink tiger she has been a walking advertisement for my business.

Not to mention she gets so much affection and attention from perfect strangers every time I take her for a walk.

A normal outing for us now means getting our photo taken at least 10 times and hundreds of cuddles and pats for Bella.

People literally run after us with their cameras asking where I got her done and then asking for my card.

It is honestly the best form of advertising for a groomer and the best way of getting an attention seeking dog the attention they want.

Thanks Grooming School

Kelly Wroblewski


Hi guys….

I just wanted to let everyone know that I attended the 5 week course at The Grooming School and I don’t think I would have left with the knowledge and the confidence I gained if it weren’t for Christine and the amazing training staff.

The course was definitely beyond my expectations. Those 5 weeks were the ones during which I learnt something new EVERY day.

Christine is an amazing pet stylist and professional [with eagle eyes hahaha] and she genuinely cares about her students.

The curriculum was well-organized with book learning and explanations to start off, followed by hands-on practice. The training is superb as it caters to all levels – right from the beginner to an advanced stylist needing a refresher.

Class sizes are generally small. The pace of learning was just right, challenged to accomplish things on your own, but having a helpful hand right there when you need it.

We learned not only the different grooming styles for each breed of dog, but also the beneficial aspects/information about how to start up a pet styling business, networking skills, first-aid treatment and diseases/conditions of dogs that we may face in the salon.

Christine or the trainers never once discouraged any question I had, or showed any frustration when I was struggling with scissoring or clipping.

They are very knowledgeable and professional and treat each student with respect and patiently explain and help the students grasp each concept.

They even go out of their way to try and obtain the breeds that you want to practice more on.

One of the best things is the ‘open door policy’ even AFTER completing the course. You can still visit the school or ring up and ask questions and never feel like a nuisance!

Yep, for anyone who seriously wants to pursue a career in the pet styling industry, I would definitely recommend The Grooming School.

Sonia Kondal

New Zealand

Hi there,

I just wanted to let everyone know that in wanting to refine my dog grooming skills and attain specific poodle and breed skills, I trained with Christine for five weeks.

With Christine’s support, training and guidance I now have a thriving business with very happy customers and lots of repeat business.

Christine gave me both the skills and the confidence to professionally groom family pets, groom to specific breed standards and create innovative doggy styles.

Best wishes from

Susan Carr


Hello everyone..

Just a very quick note to say a HUGE thank you to Christine & Les at The Grooming School.

They have given me inspiration to do what I love & opened me up to a whole new world of pet styling.

I wouldn’t be where I am now or at the level of experience I am,  if it wasn’t for their open heart and love for the industry.

They have shared some amazing knowledge, that will help me through our my career and one day I hope to follow their foot steps in this incredible industry.

Keep doing what your doing, you are both amazing and cant wait for my next visit.

Thanks again…

Shayla Knipe

Gorgeous Grooming Darwin