“What a lovely opportunity it was to be enrolled in such an amazing, knowledgeable course that offered me a wide variety of information that I find extremely helpful in everyday grooming. “

Jodie Bonning , Lake Macquarie

australian dog grooming instructor

Christine Speerin ICMG

Grooming Director and Master Groomer, Christine Speerin ICMG is an International grooming judge for IJA ( International Judges Association ) and EGA ( European Grooming Assn) and has judged and held many Seminars and Workshops in the USA, China, South Korea, Europe, New Zealand & Australia

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5 Week Hands On Dog Grooming Training

The Grooming School has the ability to teach all aspects of dog grooming from beginner to advanced. Our instructors are all certified instructors who have been intensely trained by our Grooming Director and Master Groomer, Christine Speerin ICMG.

Our 5 Week Dog Grooming Course is suitable for anyone wishing to get started in the dog grooming industry. On successful completion you will be able to work as an employee for a dog grooming establishment.

For those wanting to put their head down and work really hard, this course will also give you the opportunity to learn enough to be able to start your own successful dog grooming business, dependent on your dedication.

Hands on Training

Training is hands on and you will be working with dogs from day one. All dogs are professionally prepared and selected for you by our instructors to ensure that your entire time is devoted to learning what you need to learn.

It is just as important to learn how to handle the dogs selected for you, as it is to correctly bathe, dry and execute their trim style utilizing the grooming tools required for the job.

Your training will be supported by documentation relevant to the tasks you are performing, including assessments to be completed weekly.

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You are required to read the breed standards for the dogs designated to you before beginning your day, this is important as it helps you to understand the breed you have on the table structurally and characteristically; helping you to understand how to handle the dog on the table, and their desired appearance.

All students will be assessed prior to commencement of dog grooming courses by either face to face meetings or phone and e-mail contact.

It is important to us that we totally understand the outcomes you want to achieve on completion and a course will be designed and mutually agreed for you during this time.

We do this before commencing your course so that you are not wasting time figuring it out and burning up hours of wasted time after you have started .This way we can start working immediately towards your chosen goals with complete clarity.

Here’s what you will learn

Week One: Basics of Dog Grooming
  • Orientation
  • Bath preparation
  • Look at types of equipment for brushing and combing
  • Identifying and use of hand tools
  • Utilizing breed standards
  • Gentle handling techniques
  • Nail clipping
  • Clipping of pads and feet
  • Bathing and drying process
  • Scissoring
  • Pre Clipping
  • Trim style aims and goals
  • Completion of a bath and groom
  • Written and Practical Assessment

At the completion of every day you are required to write a case study on the work you have completed that day.

This is to be presented to your instructor for discussion before commencing training on the following day

Week Two: Canine Anatomy and Terminology

Learn the Importance of canine terminology and anatomy for pet care and pet and breed trims.

  • Clipper techniques
  • Scissor techniques
  • Breakdown of trim styles
  • Salon trim styles
  • Breed trim styles
  • Bathing and drying continued
  • Learn to complete basic pet trims
  • In depth look at dematting
  • Complete a written assessment on canine terminology and anatomy

After every pet trim you will be required to complete a pet sheet including diagrams, and step by step instruction of your process.

This will help you to remember the how and why of the process you used and will give you future reference and study notes.

Week Three – Breed Profile and Correctional Grooming

Focusing on breed profile and correctional grooming using the breed standards; you will learn where you can find the information you need to learn about breed specific trims, and how you can apply the information to your breed and pet trims.

  • Breed profile
  • Correctional grooming – purpose & process
  • Balancing your pet bodies and heads
  • Heads, legs, bodies tails & ears
  • Demonstration haircuts by instructors
  • Correctional grooming techniques
  • Maintenance of equipment,
  • Nail art& bow making

On completion of week three you will complete a written assessment on knowledge gained from the previous 3 weeks.

NB: It is important & beneficial to sit and watch instructors work during down time

Week Four & Five –Salon Management

By week four you will have the knowledge, you will have honed your skills and you will use both to complete breed and pet trims with time management a focus.

Every breed/pet trim completed by you will have been to standard, your last weeks will see you use these skills and knowledge to be assessed.

  • Completing pet trims
  • Completing breed trims
  • Completing within timeframes
  • Managing a salon
  • Time management
  • Phone manner
  • Dealing with clients
  • Responsibilities and Duties
  • Pricing
  • Staff

You will complete a case study that includes practical and written components on a breed as your major assessment.

You will be assessed on your breed and pet trims.

You will receive your written and practical assessment report