“With Christine’s support, training and guidance I now have a thriving business with very happy customers and lots of repeat business. Christine gave me both the skills and the confidence to professionally groom.”

Susan Carr,  Sydney


australian dog grooming instructor

Christine Speerin ICMG

Grooming Director and Master Groomer, Christine Speerin ICMG is an International grooming judge and EGA ( European Grooming Assn) and has judged and held many Seminars and Workshops in the USA, China, South Korea, Europe, New Zealand & Australia

Have Your Own Dog Grooming Business

10 Week (50 day) Hands On Dog Grooming Training


The 10 week course includes all components of the 5 week course structure, with the added bonus of learning more advanced techniques.

The 5 week course is fast paced and very intense; the 10 week course allows students time and also the added comfort of reinforcing your techniques with more repetition.

For those students looking for more time to polish their skills, to focus on particular breeds and to gain further knowledge in breed standards the 10 week course is designed to allow for more time to focus on the tasks.

Want to open a dog grooming business?

When wanting to open a business it is advisable to give this course some thought as we have found that 5 weeks can push your limits when trying to digest everything necessary associated with getting started, learning clips and opening your own salon.

Want More Information On This Course Including Price?

The further 5 week time frame gives you breathing space and can be taken in blocks or increments of days suitable to your life situation. There is no use by date or timeline needed to complete these hours.

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The 10 weeks course is designed to allow for concentrated case studies on breeds and pet trims that the student would like to develop their knowledge and skills, as well as improve on their time management and understanding of breeds.

The course allows for you to handle more dogs, complete and improve on your breed and pet trims before you step out into the world of grooming.

Learning any trade is never as simple as it seems with most taking 3 – 4 years to achieve your qualifications.

Dog grooming is no different but we are teaching you in a lot shorter time-frame. Changing a light bulb doesn’t make you an electrician. Unblocking a drain doesn’t qualify you as a plumber. Holding a pair of scissors and being able to shampoo and wash a dog doesn’t make you a dog groomer.

Professional groomers are still refining their own work many years on and in fact never stop learning.

There are many aspects to the many breeds that you will experience in the course of an average week and all will all have different grooming requirements, which you are expected to know and be able to discuss in full. Having 10 weeks allows you more time to study  your breeds and breed standards.

Here’s what you will learn

Week One: Basics of Dog Grooming
  • Orientation
  • Bath preparation
  • Look at types of equipment for brushing and combing
  • Identifying and use of hand tools
  • Utilizing breed standards
  • Gentle handling techniques
  • Nail clipping
  • Clipping of pads and feet
  • Bathing and drying process
  • Scissoring
  • Pre Clipping
  • Trim style aims and goals
  • Completion of a bath and groom
  • Written and Practical Assessment

At the completion of every day you are required to write a case study on the work you have completed that day.

This is to be presented to your instructor for discussion before commencing training on the following day

Week Two: Canine Anatomy and Terminology

Learn the Importance of canine terminology and anatomy for pet care and pet and breed trims.

  • Clipper techniques
  • Scissor techniques
  • Breakdown of trim styles
  • Salon trim styles
  • Breed trim styles
  • Bathing and drying continued
  • Learn to complete basic pet trims
  • In depth look at dematting
  • Complete a written assessment on canine terminology and anatomy

After every pet trim you will be required to complete a pet sheet including diagrams, and step by step instruction of your process.

This will help you to remember the how and why of the process you used and will give you future reference and study notes.

Week Three – Breed Profile and Correctional Grooming

Focusing on breed profile and correctional grooming using the breed standards; you will learn where you can find the information you need to learn about breed specific trims, and how you can apply the information to your breed and pet trims.

  • Breed profile
  • Correctional grooming – purpose & process
  • Balancing your pet bodies and heads
  • Heads, legs, bodies tails & ears
  • Demonstration haircuts by instructors
  • Correctional grooming techniques
  • Maintenance of equipment,
  • Nail art& bow making

On completion of week three you will complete a written assessment on knowledge gained from the previous 3 weeks.

NB: It is important & beneficial to sit and watch instructors work during down time

Week Four & Five –Salon Management

By week four you will have the knowledge, you will have honed your skills and you will use both to complete breed and pet trims with time management a focus.

Every breed/pet trim completed by you will have been to standard, your last weeks will see you use these skills and knowledge to be assessed.

  • Completing pet trims
  • Completing breed trims
  • Completing within timeframes
  • Managing a salon
  • Time management
  • Phone manner
  • Dealing with clients
  • Responsibilities and Duties
  • Pricing
  • Staff

You will complete a case study that includes practical and written components on a breed as your major assessment.

You will be assessed on your breed and pet trims.

You will receive your written and practical assessment report

Week Six: Pet Trims

Oodles, Salon Trims, Clip Offs, Small Cross breeds.



Week Seven to Week Nine: Breed Studies

You will study breeds including Poodle, Bichon and Schnauzer. If there is a particular breed you are interested in studying please let us know and we will try to arrange this for you.

Week Ten: Salon Week

You will use this week to run your own ‘salon’ dealing with clients and completing your selected dogs on time with minimal assistance (unless required of course!)

On these days you will be in charge of your dogs, your time management and delivery of your dogs to the client – this allows you to not only experience a faster pace but customer relations and learning to manage your time in a supported environment.