We all should be aware that dogs are potentially dangerous animals, even more so when you get all up and personal with them.

It shouldn’t be much be a surprise that you, as a professional dog groomer, must undertake the utmost care when you are trimming a dog here and clipping there.

Here are a few tips and techniques to keep you safe

Your Personal Safety As A Professional Dog Groomer Is Paramount

Observe closely how the owner and dog interact and heed any obvious warnings the owner may give you, such as

  • Don’t touch him near here or he will bite
  • She doesn’t like quick movements near her face

Of course you will need to work in various areas of the dog, but the dog owner intimately knows about there pets protected areas, and you need to be fully aware.

Muzzles in various sizes and styles are available for the truly vicious or anxious of animals.

If you feel that you have a dog that is dangerous you DO NOT have to groom it.

Relay to the owner and explain in simple terms that you cannot risk injury to you or your staff.

You might also suggest that despite repeated attempts, their dog will not tolerate the things you are required to do in effort to do a good job of grooming.

Other things to watch out for include back strains, slipping on wet floors, electrical shocks, eye trauma, and flat feet from endlessly being on your feet.

Of course there are numerous other safety tips to keep in mind, but these are good starter points to consider.