Sensei Open Trio Shear Set – Lefty

$749.00 $649.00

Receive the 7″ Lefty Straight Shear, the 7″ Lefty Curved Shear and the 37 Tooth Texture Shear
sensei shears



The SENSEI Open Shear Trio, allows you to have the same handle on all your main shears and save money in the process! This makes it easy to switch back and forth during a cut. With this handle you can groom all day with your elbow down, your wrist straight and your hand open.

Get one of our world class straight shears, with a handle design that eliminates hand stress and fatigue. Or get one of our world class Deluxe straight shears.

Match that with our Curved shear, made with tremendous precision. Or if you want a deluxe reversible curve upgrade to our REV deluxe curved shear.

Finally pick from either our 57 tooth thinning shears, or our new State of the Art 37 tooth Seamless Blending shear. Or upgraded to our 25 Tooth Deluxe speed cutting shear.

Of course you might want to come up with your own combination altogether. The pull down menus give you lots of options to create your dream TRIO!

You will end up saving a bundle and you’ll love having all your shears with compatible handles.


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