Sensei OPEN Trio Shear Set

$749.00 $599.00

Receive the 7″ Straight, the 7″ Curved and the 7.5″ 57 Tooth Thinner
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The SENSEI Open Shear Trio, allows you to have the same handle on all your main shears and save money in the process! This makes it easy to switch back and forth during a cut. With this handle you can groom all day with your elbow down, your wrist straight and your hand open.

Get one of our world class straight shears, with a handle design that eliminates hand stress and fatigue. Or get one of our world class Deluxe straight shears.

Match that with our Curved shear, made with tremendous precision. Or if you want a deluxe reversible curve upgrade to our REV deluxe curved shear.

Finally pick from either our 57 tooth thinning shears, or our new State of the Art 37 tooth Seamless Blending shear. Or upgraded to our 25 Tooth Deluxe speed cutting shear.

Of course you might want to come up with your own combination altogether. The pull down menus give you lots of options to create your dream TRIO!

You will end up saving a bundle and you’ll love having all your shears with compatible handles.

1 review for Sensei OPEN Trio Shear Set

  1. Todd

    The trio of your shears that I received have just been wonderful. I have been quite pleassed working with them, and just adored my haircuts made with them and the seriously extra time saved, and consider them the best convex shears I have worked with to date. In particular the plain little curve, the SOC07, has just delighted me. For a basic shear (440C, no ball bearings or teflon trivet) it is so smooth and soooo razor, razor sharp (as hell!) The upper line Deluxe straight is the perfect classic straight blade smooth and quiet to boot. I can’t wait to try the SENSEI REV opposing curved shears shears in 7.5 and 8.5″ sizes. I like to use my curves in opposite directions so this sounds ideal to me. I want to try your more aggressive 26 tooth sculpter too.

    Okay, about the SS7537, your no-line 37 tooth blender… Mmmm, well, now, today, three days after living with it and using it, I love it, but this shear has a real learning curve and when I was first using your no-line blending shear, this shear really frustrated and pissed me off. It’s a very good blending shear, superlative actually, but you have to work it at times, man, work that shear to blend. Chop, chop, chop, chop, chop…Yeah it works great when being used as a traditional thinner—but after a few dogs, your muscles are going to feel it. I knew I was missing something so I looked at the shear’s WWW page hoping to uncover something I had missed…? And then I found it—you mention about this shear, “…You can also comb out with the blades closed in any direction…” Mmmm, I have never worked like this with shears in animal grooming (nor had I ever seen any other groomer do it), though I had seen hairdressers doing it…?

    I tried razor combing the next day with the SS7537 and LORDY JESUS! That is how these shears of yours SHINE! You insert the shears at the base of the hair, totally open, then close them and comb up, keeping them closed. The blending is so perfect and natural with this style of razor cutting thrown in, and as you advertise, with no lines. It doesn’t take long to adapt to this shear once you get with this razor combing and start doing it quickly. After 3 days I am using it with complete abandon—closing the shears at the base of the fur and then just combing up with the shears closed; as well as snapping and snipping as like traditional thinners. This combination of blending—produced by the SS7537, married with the razor sharp and defined lines quickly made from the Deluxe straights and open curves, impressed me (making me proud of my experience and talent). How easy it is to get the most beautiful haircuts, and in quick time. That’s what is so divine about well though out incredible sharp convex shears with balance and precision (as in well made)—they save you time, and help in getting a consistent superlative end finish. When used by a talented groomer with a good eye (and of course experience), your shears help it to manifest beautiful professional haircuts, and quickly and neatly too—these sharp, sharp shears made things great for me so far. I am good with my shears—oiling and cleaning them at least a few times a week, and I am fanatical about them NOT dropping! So I have high hopes for the edges lasting.

    If you want to sell and have the SS7537 well appreciated within the grooming world, you really need to show groomers the razor combing feature and get them interested in trying it—it’s a technique NOT well known by most groomers, but with your shear and this technique, the blending is SO natural and perfect—a lot of groomers could really swear by this blade if they knew how to best use it. It reminds me of the 8″ (or so) 26 tooth texture blender (that became so popular and increased the interested in better and new shears for groomers) that appeared almost ten years ago. Your blade is a bit more work, but offers much finer and more professional results, more finishing oriented results (I think of the big 26 toothed shears as real rough sculpters, though for some customers they offer the perfect shaggy finish) After using it for only a week, my 26 tooth sculpter is used MUCH less (Choppy!) and you couldn’t drag these SS7537’s 39 tooth blenders from my hands!

    I am a big guy, 6 ft 3, but with nice sized hands. Your shears all fit well and feel comfy for extended work, but I have to remove the black plastic ring guards from the upper finger holes. If these shears do indeed hold an edge for 6 months in the real world, I will be a happy camper. I’ve found good shears in the past, but they don’t hold an edge (and I treat shears very well!)

    I love, love the revolving thumb on my SS7537—I took to this feature like a duck to water, and it’s only taken me two days of using the revolving thumb thinners to easily see myself switching a lot of my daily shears over to revolving thumb models—particularly the curves.. Feels so much more like an extension of the body. I’m calling your office on Monday morning to see about returning my Deluxe Straights and the curves for the revolving thumb models, I hope that will be allowed.

    I also love the shear case/holster you sent, thanks for the nice extra. It’s honestly the best shear holster I’ve used yet—the vacuum through or blow through feature is great, and I really dig the magnetic clasp, just perfect. Looks very professional. Though I would REALLY go nuts for an 8 or 12 shear model…!

    Truly delighted so far with my Sensei’s and really think I made the right choice in shears….!

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