A Complete Range Of Services For The Professional Dog Groomer

At The Grooming School we are pleased to be able to offer more then just grooming training.

We have highly qualified staff that are able to help you design your salon to not only look great but also to work effectively and meet industry and council standards including OH & S compliance.

Whether a new or existing grooming business we can assist you in every aspect of building and maintaining your clientele and help you to introduce client based incentives.

This is a free service to all our students and can be very beneficial to the daily running of your business.

Dog Grooming Consultancy Services

We offer Consultancy Services – offered internally and externally to students and existing groomers

Our dog grooming consultancy can help you to build your client base, business reputation, and business functionality.

You can improve your time management, client liaison, managerial and administrative skills, as well as improve staff relationships, create job roles and task management.

Ongoing training is available through external workshops and on site at your business.

For more information about The Grooming School Consultancy contact us.

Event Management

The Grooming School is also pleased to offer event management.

We are the proud creators and show promoters of GroomQuest, groomFest, groomWest and the Groomers Shootout.

See here for more information about these shows, or to have The Grooming School help you with your event, or event proposal contact us.

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To learn about Groom Team Australia click here

Groom Team Australia

Groom Team Australia is focused on encouraging groomers of all levels to compete.

From beginners to advanced, our goal is to unite and promote a friendly and professional atmosphere and culture for groomers both inside and outside the competition arena.

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 groomQuest 2017

A grooming contest for groomers of all levels with international judges, cash and prizes.

To learn about the groomQuest 2017 click here

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Groomers Shootout

Helping rescue dogs find their forever homes, helping to spread the word to adopt, not shop!

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