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There’s much to tell and catch up with all my grooming friends. I just can’t wait for you to see how wonderful the Pooch Perfect Show is on 7. If you missed an episode of Pooch Perfect the program, go to the Pooch Perfect website or follow them on Facebook @poochperfect and on instagram russellthebrussel.


Christine Speerin ICMG

Christine’s life has always revolved around dogs and the many different dog worlds.

Even as a young child she cannot be seen in a photo that doesn’t include a dog by her side.

Having taught herself to groom on her mums kitchen table at the age of 12 Christine was told by her father that there was no future in dog grooming.

This and her dedication to dogs has led Christine to become one of the most successful groomers and grooming trainers in Australia.

Christine has been responsible for nurturing many friendships and newcomers to the industry and is a leading figure in the Australian grooming Industry as a mentor to groomers both locally and globally. Christine has a wide network of her “ grooming family “ and is an owner of multiple successful grooming businesses and companies she operates with husband Les.

As an International grooming judge she is always up to date with current grooming trends and her knowledge is highly regarded and well respected worldwide.

Some of Christine’s career achievements include :

  • Multiple Breed Specific Contest Winner & placegetter
  • Multiple Creative Contest winner & placegetter
  • International Certified Master Groomer ( ICMG )
  • Certifier for Australian Institute Pet Groomers ( AIPG )
  • International Grooming Judge for the International Judges Association (IJA )
  • Consultant & Grooming Ambassador for Kramar
  • Consultant & Grooming Ambassador for NESTLE PURINA ( current )
  • Represented Australia in 2009 World Teams Event in Germany
  • Original member & Co Founder of Groom Team Australia
  • Holds workshops , seminars and judges grooming contests in many different countries including the USA , NZ , South Korea & Australia
  • Received an invitation in 2011 to be a spokesperson, demonstrator and judge at the first ever “ Creative Summit “ held in Lexington , Kentucky USA.
  • Chief Instructor at The Grooming School
  • Grooming work has featured on several television segments including Bondi Vet, Sydney Weekender, Talk to the Animals , Better Homes & Gardens and the morning Sunrise programme.

Christine’s passion for grooming has always been infectious and her enthusiasm and knowledge is inspirational and innovative in many facets of the dog grooming industry, to which she has an endless commitment.

christine speerin